Conference co-chair Volodymyr Kravchenko directs the Contemporary Ukraine Studies Program at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies under the Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta, as well as a professor in its Department of History and Classics. He was the director of CIUS in 2012–18, and editor of the proceedings of its 40th anniversary conference (2018). His recent works include: “Ukraine: History confronts geography,” in The EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood: Migration, Border and Regional Stability (2016); “Ukrainian historical writing in North America during the Cold War,” in East and Central European History Writing in Exile 1939–1989 (2015); “Ukraine faces its Soviet past: History vs. policy vs. memory,” in Mass Dictatorship and Memory as Ever-Present Past (2014); and the monograph Ukraïna, imperiia, Rosiia: Vybrani statti z modernoï istoriï ta istoriohrafiï (Ukraine, Empire, Russia: Selected Articles from Modern History and Historiography; 2011).