Marcel H. Van Herpen is a security expert specializing in Russia, Eastern Europe, and the post-Soviet states. He is the author of three books on Putin’s Russia, which have been translated into several languages, and he is a frequent media contributor to publications such as ForbesNational Interest, Project Syndicate, Moscow Times, and Japan Times
As a security expert he has organized many seminars and given over 200 guest lectures, including for NATO HQ, Brussels, the NATO School (Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany), and the West Point Military Academy (New York, USA). He was a long-time member of the BKB, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch Social Democratic Party, and also a member of the Board of FIME, the International Federation of Europe Houses. Since 1992 he has been a director of the Cicero Foundation, a pro-EU and pro-Atlantic think tank (, and he is also a collaborator of the American think tank The National Interest (